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The Draft Master Plan Is Now Available

The City of Farmington Hills is updating its 2009 Master Plan to guide future land use decisions over the next 15-20 years. This site is designed to help citizens follow the Master Plan process and allows them to provide input on specific topics. Please see the pages above for more information.

The draft Master Plan has been developed, and is available at the links to the right (see the gray box on the side of this page).

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a long-range vision for the future of the community. It provides a framework for making big-picture decisions and can promote and strengthen valued community assets as well as encourage new partnerships and opportunities. In Michigan, master plans are to be reviewed by the Planning Commission every 5 years. While major updates may not be necessary, it is important that communities review their plans to ensure they are relevant to the current and projected needs and wants of a community, and coordinate with other communities, county and regional plans and reports. Farmington Hills current Master Plan was adopted in 2009. The City is in the process of updating that plan.
6 ways a master plan serves the community, from being a long-range vision, to providing a framework for making decisions, and encouraging new partnerships and opportunities.